Judge expects light turnout on Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 4, 2007

It may come as a surprise to many voters, but there is a statewide election coming up next Tuesday, June 5.

Two amendments will be voted on that day, says Butler County Probate Judge Steve Norman.

&#8220The first amendment deals with economic development and bond issues. It is already written into the Alabama Constitution that we can provide incentive packages to prospective businesses and industries we hope to bring to Alabama,” Norman said.

&#8220However, there is a currently a cap of $350,000,000 on that amount. This amendment would increase that amount to $400,000,000 if approved.”

The second amendment deals with a fund created by the state to help pay for the future costs of retirees' medical insurance expenses.

&#8220Basically, this amendment simply says any monies put into this fund must be used to cover these health insurance costs and not for anything else,” Norman explained.

As for expected voter turnout, the probate judge is not looking for high numbers at the polls next Tuesday.

&#8220If we get ten percent of the registered voters, I would say it's been successful,” Norman said. &#8220Then again, I might be surprised. We might get a lot more.”