Resident believes school uniforms would have solved dress code issues

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dear Editor,

As a concerned citizen and grandparent, I think the uniforms would have solved most of the dress problems, but since the majority does not feel that it is time for uniforms, I think the parents should see that the dress code is enforced.

They, the parents, are the ones who buy their children's clothes.

They should see that their children have proper clothes for school that fit with the dress code.

The teachers should dress according to dress code, as well.

Also, teachers, remember your actions speak louder than your words.

You should not ask your students to do something you will not do. The teachers should not have to be told what is proper to wear.

Any responsible, professional person should know how to dress properly in public and on the job.

If the children do not come to school dressed according to the dress code, and the teacher or administrative person has to call the parent to come get the child because of improper dress, that parent should not get upset with the faculty because he or she failed to see their child was dressed properly according to the code.

And while the faculty is taking time to do all of this, they are being taken away from their teaching duties.

They are there to teach and do administrative work, not to check to see how the kids are dressed.

If the parents will take care of their responsibilities so the school faculty can do their jobs, you will see a great change in our school system.

Doris Rogers