Theatre approaches completion

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 9, 2007

After years of hoping and dreaming, months of construction and much anticipation, Greenville will soon be the home of its own state-of-the-art cinema multiplex, named &#8220The Edge.”

The flagship theater of NAOS Entertainment, located adjacent to the Wal-Mart Super Center, is slated to open on July 4.

&#8220We are definitely very excited about this,” said The Edge General Manager Michael Nimmer.

&#8220Construction is coming along really well, and we've been booking the movies. This theater will be unlike anything Greenville has ever seen - it's incredible what we are going to get.”

Seven movies have been tentatively slated for the theater's eight screens for its debut.

&#8220We will have ‘Transformers,' a Steven Spielberg film expected to be one of the biggest hits of the summer, playing on two screens,” Nimmer said.

Also slated for screening at The Edge's opening are the comedy &#8220License to Wed;” the popular comic book franchise entry, &#8220Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer;” the animated feature from creators of &#8220The Incredibles,” &#8220Ratatouille;” Bruce Willis's latest action tour de force, &#8220Live Free or Die Hard;”  the Steve Carrell comedy, &#8220Evan Almighty,” and the teen comedy-mystery, &#8220Nancy Drew.”

Audiences can look forward to seeing some of the summer's earlier blockbusters this fall at the Greenville theater, Nimmer said.

&#8220As the theatrical releases slow down this fall, we will bring back some of the hits like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3,' ‘Shrek 3' and others, so people who didn't get a chance to catch them the first time around, or who just want to see them again on the big screen, can do so.”

Nimmer says movie matinees will be a regular part of the theater's schedule year-round.

&#8220We will always offer matinee showings, whether it's a busy or a slow time. We know there are people who don't like to get out at night, or have to fight weekend crowds,” he said.

&#8220We want to make the movie-going experience available to as many people as possible.”

According to Nimmer, it will also be an ultra-modern, super-comfortable experience for theater patrons.

&#8220We offer very nice, comfortable stadium seating with 18-inch risers with an unobstructed view, no matter the size of the person in front of you. Our seating is what the Rave is planning to go to next. We are getting it now.”

Two of the theaters offer 3-D image capabilities.

&#8220We will be bringing in ‘Tim Burton's Nightmare in 3-D' in October. Believe me, this is not the old-style 3-D from years ago, but something new and totally different,” Nimmer said.

The latest in LCD screens in the lobby will feature trailers, local advertising and information about movie schedules. At peak times during the summer and Christmas holidays, The Edge will employ as many as 40 people.

Nimmer expects it to draw many more people who want to enjoy a first-run movie experience without making a drive to Montgomery or elsewhere to do it.

&#8220Listen, people from all over the area are talking about this new theater in Greenville. It's going to be a destination for them,” Nimmer said.

 &#8220We have new restaurants preparing to open; we've got Wal-Mart and other good places to shop. You would be amazed how many travelers from out of town and out of state, stop to spend time and money right here in Greenville.”

And with gas prices staying high, &#8220it makes sense for local people to save money and enjoy themselves in their hometown,” Nimmer added.

Ticket prices at The Edge will be competitive with Montgomery prices, the general manager said. Prices will be $7.75 for adult admission, $6.75 for senior citizens, and $5.75 for children. Matinee tickets will be $5.75.

&#8220We have a lot of great movies coming out this summer and we are very excited about bringing them to Greenville,” Nimmer said.

And if you are wondering about the theater's name, thank Dorothy Brown of Mobile Road for its &#8220edgy” moniker.

Brown won NAOS's recent Name the Theater Contest. Her prize: a year's worth of free passes to the multiplex.

&#8220I saw they were having a contest. I got to thinking, the building is catty-corner to Wal-Mart, sort of on the edge. I said, ‘That's it, The Edge!'” Brown explained.

&#8220I am very excited I won, but I think my husband is even more excited than I am. I guess I will share some of those passes with him,” she laughed.

&#8220It's going to be great to have a movie theater back here in Greenville again.'