Church gathers #8216;WITS#039; to create cookbook

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 14, 2007

A local women's mission group is doing &#8220whatever it takes” to help some youngsters in need.

The WITS (Whatever It Takes Sister!) of Antioch East Baptist Church of Greenville decided they wanted to do what they could to financially assist the Alabama Baptist Children's Home in Mobile.

It's a cause dear to the ladies' hearts.

&#8220We've visited the home in Mobile on several occasions and have really been touched by the needs of the facility,” WITS member Helen Johnson says.

&#8220Sometimes, when the children are first taken to the home, all they have is the clothes on their back. We wanted to help them buy things they need and can really use.”

So, the WITS gathered their wits (so to speak) and chose to compile a cookbook featuring the best, tried-and-true recipes of their church's members, family and friends.

The result is the hardbound three-ring cookbook, &#8220Generations,” now on sale throughout the area, with all proceeds going to the Alabama Baptist Children's Home and Ministries in Mobile.

The cookbook comes with its own stand and features a painting by Nellie Roper of the old Antioch East Baptist Church on its front cover, with the church's old outdoor baptismal pool featured on the back.

Some of Antioch East's food traditions, such as ice cream socials and &#8220Big Meeting” time are recalled within its pages, along with color photos of members &#8220who helped build the strong foundations of our church.”

&#8220You will see a lot of pictures of some of our good cooks who have gone on to HeavenŠthe whole book brings back many wonderful memories,” Johnson said.

Most importantly, she adds,&#8220The recipes are wonderful!”

Just a few of the dishes in &#8220Generations:” &#8220Hanky-Pankys,” &#8220Hominy Casserole,” &#8220No-Peek Mystery Stew,” &#8220Wild Plum Dumplings,” &#8220Fresh Peach Pound Cake,” and &#8220Hashbrown Casserole.”

&#8220We also have a special section of really fun recipes, like ‘Santa's Candy Sleighs,' ‘Dog Biscuits,' and ‘School Fuel,'” Johnson said.

She said she had successfully tried several of the recipes in her own kitchen and &#8220sampled them all” at various church functions.

The cookbooks sell for $15 each and are available at a number of local retail outlets as well as from WITS members, including Jeanette Thompson, Lisa Hawthorn and others.

&#8220There are some truly great recipes and, honestly, the money couldn't go to a better cause,” Johnson said.

&#8220Our cookbook expenses have already been met, so every penny goes to the children's home.”

For more information on &#8220Generations,” contact Helen Johnson at