Tompkins, Salter, Stallworth and Taylor take first place during Saturday BCMP races

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Butler County Motorsports Park held its Sack Race/U.S. Army 232nd Birthday Night Saturday and Bert Tompkins, Rusty Salter, Carey Stallworth and David Taylor emerged as the individual winners in each division.

Here are Saturday's results:

Late Model

1st- Bert Tompkins

2nd- Jack Daughtry

3rd- Chris Hoomes

4th- Will Henderson

5th- Kenny Cartwright

6th- DeWayne Morris

7th- Curt Ryals

Street Stock

1st- Rusty Salter

2nd- Scott Swanson

3rd- Jimmy Johnson

4th- Tim McDonald

5th- Chase Free

6th- Adam Butler

7th- Keith DeFee

8th- Cody Weaver

Late Model

1st- Carey Stallworth

2nd- Jack Callen

3rd- Shane Matherson

4th- Joe Davis

5th- Greg Watson

6th- Dean Brooks

7th- Don Coker

8th- Jerry Lewis

Front Wheel HOGG

1st- David Taylor

2nd- Johnny Burgans

3rd- Johnathan Weaver

4th- Tyler Hamrac

5th- Cole Stinson

6th- Andrew Adams