Curry, McNaughton, Braden and Gregory each win at BCMP

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scotty Curry, Kenny McNaughton, Todd Braden and Ethan Gregory emerged as the winners in each division Saturday night during races at the Butler County Motorsports Park

Here are the results:

Late Model

1st- Scotty Curry

2nd- Frank Wilson

3rd- Chris Hoomes

4th- Will Henderson

5th- Kenny Cartwright

6th- DeWayne Morris

7th- Ben Callen

8th- Randy Adams

Street Stock

1st- Kenny McNaughton

2nd- Chase Free

3rd- James Loftin

4th- Glenn Smith

Pure Street

1st- Todd Braden

2nd- Dean Brooks

3rd- Jack Callen

4th- John Missildine

5th- Garrett McCurdy

6th- Jody Smith

7th- Ashley Johnson

8th- Don Coker

9th- Bill Conway

10th- Joe Davis

Front Wheel Drive HOGG

1st- Ethan Gregory

2nd- Andrew Callen

3rd- Corey Burgans

4th- Dunk Stallworth

5th- Andrew Adams

6th- Bud Thagard