A #8216;Saintsational#039; Kids College at LBWCC

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

From June 11-22, kids from ages 4 to 12 years old enjoyed two weeks of learning, friendship, and fun at LBWCC Luverne Center.

A &#8220Pirates of the Caribbean” theme was used to decorate the facility and to teach the 13 classes offered throughout the 2-week educational camp.

The classes that were offered included two computer classes, &#8220PowerPoint Pirates” and &#8220Pirates of the PC” taught by LeAnne Taylor; two art classes, &#8220Art on Pirate Island”, taught by Jackie Sport; two science classes, &#8220Barnacles and Bilge Water”, taught by Daun Pittman; two gymnastics classes, &#8220Swinging from the Trees”, taught by Ashley Waggoner; a drama class, &#8220Swashbuckling Cabaret”, taught by Ashley Meadows; a literature class, &#8220Treasure Island”, taught by Jackie Sport; &#8220Survival Skills” taught by Donnie Howell; a &#8220girl-talk” class, &#8220Dazzling Damsels”, taught by Daun Pittman; and finally, a &#8220playtime” class, &#8220Walking the Plank”, taught by Robbie Brown.

During the course of each class, the camp participants learned about the history of pirates and how they lived on board the ship at sea, in addition to learning the content of the class for which they enrolled.

Each class also made crafts, played games, and incorporated skills of other content areas to provide a variety of fun learning opportunities separate from the traditional classroom.

At the end of each week, the camp participants enjoyed &#8220Wet and Wild Day” on Fridays, which included a gigantic, inflatable waterslide, 2-way and 3-way slip-n-slides, octopus sprinklers, kiddie pools, water balloons, relay races, wiffle ball, jump ropes, go-cart rides, and shaving cream pies.

At the close of Kid's College, each participant received a Kid's College t-shirt and souvenirs and took home a world of newfound knowledge, friendships, and memories.

LBWCC Luverne Center invites all kids to come out and join in for another &#8220Saintsational” Kids College during the summer of 2008.

&#8220Survival Skills” Pictures:

Students learn to set up a tent, make a fire with flint, and to survive by eating bugs and worms (gummie worms and bugs) in the wilderness.

&#8220Barnacles and Bilge Water” Pictures:

Students learn to make Diet Coke explode with just one Mentos breath mint, blue goo, and stuffed snakes with panty hose and cotton.

&#8220Art on Pirate Island” Pictures:

Students learn to make their own pet parrots with feathers and gold coins.

They also learned how to sketch drawings by following a diagram.

Older students learned how to mix paint to develop certain hues and apply it to a canvas in order to create a pirate masterpiece.

&#8220Swashbuckling Cabaret” Pictures:

Students learn to make props such as scarves and jeweled pirate hats, apply stage make-up, and memorize songs and scripted roles in order to re-create the first three scenes of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

&#8220Dazzling Damsel” Pictures:

Students learn to apply makeup, nail polish, nail art, and style their hair to look like pirate &#8220rock stars” and princesses.

&#8220Walking the Plank” Pictures:

Students learn to play &#8220poison cannon ball”, hula hoop games, walking the plank (the low beam) and pirate relays.