Ludlum#039;s hero returns in the #8216;The Bourne Betrayal#039;

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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The Bourne Betrayal

by Eric Van Lustbader

Already devastated by loss, Bourne is shattered by a report that his last friend in the world, Martin Lindros, has gone missing.

A Central Intelligence Agency deputy of director, Lindros was in Ethiopia tracking suspicious shipments of yellowcake uranium and atomic bomb weaponry.

Bourne will not let go of Lindros, his last lifeline to humanity.

Despite his hatred for CI, Bourne sets out to rescue his friend and finish the job: dismantling a terrorist network-one determined to build nuclear armaments-by cutting off their source of money, But Bourne doesn't realize that these men, Islamic supremacists, are leaders of an incredibly dangerous, technologically savvy group with ties to Africa, throughout the Middle East, and into Eastern Europe and Russia.

They have predicted Bourne's every move and are counting on his unwitting help in their plans to destroy AmericaŠ.

Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

by James Patterson

This is the end, my friends.

But I promise that you'll fly higher than ever before in this wild adventure, witness battles worthy of multiplex movie screens, and laugh until your sides hurt.

Believe it or not, there's even a little romance.

But all good things-and even terrible, unspeakable ones-must come to an end.


is that moment in time, I'm afraid.

Either we save the world, or we crash and burn.

And I mean all of us-even you, faithful reader, because you play a very big part in this story. –Max

The Flock needs your help.

Yes youŠ

The Good Guy

by Dean Koontz

Timothy Carrier, having a beer after work at his friend's tavern, enjoys drawing eccentric customers into amusing conversations.

But the jittery man who sits next to him tonight has mistaken Tim for someone very different-and passes to him a manila envelope full of cash.&#8220Ten thousand now.

You get the rest when she's gone.”

The stranger walks out, leaving a photo of the pretty woman marked for death, and her address.

But things are about to get worse.

In minutes another stranger sits next to Tim.

This one is a cold-blooded killer who believes Tim is the man who has hired him.

Thinking fast, Tim says, &#8220I've had a change of heart.

You get ten thousand-for doing nothing.

Call it a no-kill fee.”

He keeps the photo and gives the money to the hired killer.

And when Tim secretly follows the man out of the tavern, he gets a further shock: the hired killer is a cop.

Suddenly, Tim Carrier, an ordinary guy, is at the center of a mystery of extraordinary proportions, the one man who can save an innocent life and stop a killer far more powerful than any copŠand as relentless as evil incarnate.

But first Tim must discover within himself the capacity for selflessness, endurance, and courage that can turn even an ordinary man into a hero, inner resources that will transform his idea of who he is and what it takes to be The Good GuyŠ

The Sleeping Doll

by Jeffery Deaver

When Special Agent Kathryn Dance-a brilliant interrogator and kinesics expert with the California Bureau of Investigation-is sent to question the convicted killer Daniel &#8220Son of Manson” Pell as a suspect in a newly unearthed crime, she feels both trepidation and electrifying intrigue.

Pell is serving a life sentence for the brutal murders of the wealthy Croyton family in Carmel years earlier-a crime mirroring those perpetrated by Charles Manson in the 1960s.

But Pell and his cult members were sloppy: Not only were they apprehended, they even left behind a survivor-the youngest of the Croyton daughters, who, because she was in bed hidden by her toys that terrible night, was dubbed the Sleeping Doll.

But the girl never spoke about that night, nor did the crime's mastermind.

Indeed, Pell has long been both reticent and unrepentant about the crime.

And so with the murderer transported from the Capitola superprison to an interrogation room in the Monterey County Courthouse, Dance sees an opportunity to pry a confession from him for the recent murder-and to learn more about the depraved mind of this career criminal who considers himself a master of control, a dark Svengali, forcing people to do what they otherwise would never conceive of doing.

In an electrifying psychological jousting match, Dance calls up all her skills as an interrogator and kinesics-body language-expert to get to the truth behind Daniel Pell.

But when Dance's plan goes terribly wrong and Pell escapes, leaving behind a trail of dead and injured, she finds herself in charge of her first-ever manhunt.

But far from simply fleeing, Pell turns on his pursuers-and other innocents-for reasons Dance and her colleagues can't discern.

As the idyllic Monterey Peninsula is paralyzed by the elusive killer, Dance turns to the past to find the truth about what Daniel Pell is really up to.

She tracks down the now teenage Sleeping Doll to learn what really happened that night, and she arranges a reunion of three women who were in his cult at the time of the killings.

The lies of the past and the evasions of the present boil up under the relentless probing of Kathryn Dance, but will the truth about Daniel Pell emerge in time to stop him from killing again?

Filled with signature hairpin turns of plot, beat-the-clock pacing and an exciting new heroine whose intuition is the yin to Lincoln Rhyme's yang of cold logic, The Sleeping Doll is classic DeaverŠ

Queen of Babble

by Meg Cabot

Lizzie Nichols has a problem, and it isn't that she doesn't have the slightest idea what she's going to do with her life or that she's blowing what should be her down payment on a cute little Manhattan apartment on a trip to London to visit her long-distance boyfriend, Andrew.

But what's the point of planning for the future when she done it again: See, Lizzie can't keep her mouth shut.

And it's not just that she can't keep her own secrets, she can't keep anything to herself.

This time when she opens her big mouth, her good intentions get Andrew in major hot water.

So now Lizzie's stuck in London with no boyfriend and no place to stay until the departure date on her non-refundable airline ticket.

Fortunately, there's Shari, Lizzie's best friend and college roommate, who's spending her summer in southern France, catering weddings with her boyfriend Chaz, in a sixteenth-century chateau.

One call and Lizzie's on a train to Souillac.

Who cares if she's never traveled alone in her life and only speaks rudimentary French? One glimpse of gorgeous Chateau Mirac-not to mention the gorgeous Luke, the son of Chateau Mirac's owner-and she's smitten.

But while most caterers can be trusted to keep a secret, Lizzie’s the exception.

And no sooner has the first cork been popped than Luke hates her, the bride is in tears, and it looks like Chateau Mirac is in danger of becoming a lip-recovery spa.

As if things aren't bad enough, her ex-boyfriend Andrew shows up looking for &#8220closure” (or at least a loan), threatening to ruin everything, including Lizzie's chance at finding real loveŠ

Unless she can figure out a way to use that big mouth of hers to save the dayŠ

The Lost Constitution

by William Martin

Rare-book expert Peter Fallon and his girlfriend, Evangeline, the main characters from Back Bay and Harvard Yard, are back for another treasure hunt through time.

They have learned of an early, annotated draft of the Constitution, stolen and smuggled out of Philadelphia.

The draft's marginal notes spell out, in shocking detail, the Founders' unequivocal intentions-the unmistakable meaning of the Bill Rights.

Peddled and purloined, trafficked and concealed for over two centuries, the lost Constitution could forever change America's history-and its future.

Moreover, Congress is already at war, fighting tooth and claw over the eternally contentious Bill of Rights.

When word gets out of the lost draft's existence, it launches a frenzied search, as both sides of the partisan machine believe it will reinforce their arguments.

While battling politicians from both sides of the debate, Peter and Evangeline must get to the document first, because they know that if the wrong people find it, they will burn it, stripping the nation of its constitutional moorings.

The search takes Peter and Evangeline into the rich history of America and New England, from Shay's Rebellion to the birth of the American industrial revolution to the march of the legendary 20th Maine in the Civil War.

Past and present play off one another as the search for the draft heats up.

It finally boils over on the first night of the World Series, at the Mecca of New England, Boston's fabled Fenway Park, and the truth is finally revealedŠ

The Overlook

by Michael Connelly

A body had been found on the overlook near Mulholland Drive.

The victim, identified as Dr. Stanley Kent, has two bullet holes in the back of his head from what looks like an execution-style shooting.

LAPD detective Harry Bosch is called out to investigate.

It is the case he has been waiting for, his first since being recruited to the city's Homicide Special squad.

As soon as Bosch begins retracing Dr. Kent's steps, contradictions emerge.

While Kent doesn't seem to have had ties to organized crime, he did have access to dangerous radioactive substances from just about every hospital in Los Angeles County.

What begins as a routine homicide investigation opens up before Bosch into something much larger and more dangerous-and much more urgent.

Breaking in a new rookie partner and chasing his first fresh case in years, Bosch is soon in conflict not just with the LAPD brass but also with FBI hotshots who are convinced that the case is too important for the likes of the LAPD.

Harry's onetime lover Rachel Walling is among the federal agents frantically working the case, making Bosch's job all the more complicated.

Guarding one slim advantage, he relentlessly follows his own instincts, hoping they are still true enough to solve the crime-and to save all of Los Angeles from a deadly hazardŠ