Crenshaw County Board of Education Personnel Reports

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 14, 2007

The following personnel reports have been approved by the Crenshaw County Board of Education:

May 10 Meeting

Resignations: David Kirkland, History, Highland Home; Cindy Freeman, Math, Luverne; Virginia Fussell, 5th Grade Teacher, Brantley; George Pittman, Asst. Coaching Duties (Only)Highland Home.

Retirement: Lucy Summerlin, Elementary Counselor, Luverne.

Brantley School New Hires: Debbie Hall, High School Guidance Counselor; Palma Stringer, Elementary Special Education Teacher; Daryll Blakeley, 5th Grade Teacher; Amanda Stewart, 6th GradeTeacher.

Luverne School New Hires: Dr. Andreiy I. Kondrat'yev, Math Teacher; Beverly Sport, Science Teacher.

Jason Bennett as County-Wide Spanish Teacher.

May 29 Meeting

Resignations: Jill Neeley, Resource Teacher, Highland Home; Sybil Bryan, 6th Grade Teacher, Brantley School.

Transfers: Johnny Mitchell from 6th Grade at HHS to Elementary at BHS; LeAnn Tew from High School Special Education to 6th Grade at Brantley School; Judy Mitchell from 3rd Grade to 4th Grade at Brantley School.

Marty Balkcom from Collaborative to 6th Grade Teacher at Highland Home.

Teresa Smith from Collaborative to Special Needs/Multi-handicapped at LHS; Phyllis Grant from Special Needs/Multi-handicapped to Collaborative at LHS; Ashley McManigle from 1st Grade to Collaborative Teacher at Luverne School; Dot Youngblood from 4th Grade to 1/2-time Instructional Specialist/1/2-time 4th Grade; Shirley Hartin from Science to 1/2-time Instructional Specialist/1/2-time Science Teacher.

New Hires:

Support Personnel: Louis Mathews, Bus Driver, Brantley; Sherry Atwell, Bus Driver, Luverne; Angelia Hall, Bus Driver, Luverne.

Certified Personnel: Kimberly Lowery, Kindergarten, Brantley; Rose Cheeseboro, 1st Grade Teacher, Brantley School.

Connie Jacobs, Elementary Teacher, Highland Home; Doug Norman, Social Studies, Highland Home.

Gail Walley Morgan, Assistant Principal, Luverne;

Heather Sanders, Elementary Counselor, Luverne; Julie Dablot, Math Teacher, Luverne; Angie Hall, English Teacher, Luverne.

June 14 Meeting

Resignations: Tammy Wright, Special Education Teacher, Highland Home; Rose Cheeseboro, 1st Grade Teacher, Brantley School.

New Hires:

Certified Personnel: April Moseley, 1st Grade Teacher, Brantley; Christy Bradley, Special Ed Teacher, Brantley; Kimberly Compton, Counseling/Career Tech, Brantley.

Julie Pinkard, Elementary Teacher, Highland Home (Julie Pinkard will be for 1 year only);

Tamara Boyd, Special Ed (Collaborative),Highland Home; Kasey Ward, Special Ed (Collaborative), Highland Home.

Jennifer Creech, K-4 Teacher, Luverne; Shelly Hughes, 4th/5th Grade Teacher, Luverne; Betty Ayers, Elementary Special Ed Teacher, Luverne.

Support Personnel: Tami Boyd, Special Ed Aide, Highland Home (Tami Boyd will be a 1st semester replacement only.)