Flashing speed signs warn motorists

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 14, 2007

The flashing speed limit sign, now back in service after an absence caused by mechanical problems, is the Greenville Police Department's way of telling motorists, politely, to slow down.

Used daily and rotated throughout the city, the sign - which registers speed of the approaching vehicles - is an obvious attention generator, especially when used in conjunction with a patrol vehicle.

&#8220Our hope is that drivers will see the sign and slow down if their speed is in excess of the established limit,” Police Chief Lonzo Ingram said. &#8220It's a voluntary thing, but we do from time-to-time assign a patrolman in the same vicinity of it.”

Heavily trafficked streets are a regular target as are areas vulnerable to speeding. A rotating long-term schedule for sign placement has been established. – Staff