Lester resigns from Luverne City Council

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 14, 2007

Luverne Mayor Joe Rex Sport announced at Monday night's City Council meeting that Luverne Council Member Jimmy Lester had turned in his resignation to the council.

Lester serves District Four in the city of Luverne.

The council approved a motion to declare a vacancy on the council, but no other action was taken. Lester was not present at the meeting.

&#8220We'll look into possible recommendations at the next meeting,” Sport said.

Sport also reported that Luverne Parks and Recreation Director Merrill Sport had turned in his resignation to the council. Sport said a new parks and recreation director should be announced later this week.

In other business, the mayor said that the annual S.M.A.R.T. Alabama, LLC, incentive payment was due on July 12. The annual payment is $500,000. The next payment in July of 2008 would be the final incentive payment owed by the city. The council had approved a motion to make the payment at its June 25 meeting.

Ben Green has been hired as a dispatcher for the Luverne Police Department. Green began working July 9.

Sport said that 17 bullet proof vests had been purchased for the police dept. at $745 each. The vests come from First Choice Body Armor Package. The total amount is $12,665, with the city paying a 50 percent match.

Council Member Dr. Pat Walker said that the Luverne Public Library just held its quarterly meeting. He also reported that some painting had been done to the outside of the library and that wireless Internet services were presently being offered there.

&#8220There have been some observations made of people sitting in their cars in the library parking lot late at night,” Sport said. &#8220They must be using the Internet or have a laptop.”

&#8220It could be kids using it or travelers passing through, but we want to make sure it's appropriate whatever they're doing.”

In other business, city engineer Morris Tate said an old bridge along a walking trail located between Joseph Ave. and Oak Street had been removed, and signs and barricades had been put up at each end of the bridge.

Council Member Barbara Harrison said the building located next to the Crenshaw County Economic and Industrial Development Authority on South Forest Avenue was empty and was for sale.

Luverne VFD Asst. Fire Chief William Neal reported that there had been no significant fire or emergency calls for the Luverne VFD in the past two weeks. The VFD is continuing the repainting of the fire station bays, and the City received reimbursement from the State Department of Conservation for the fuel that was used at the Crenshaw County Lake for the air circulation operation in April.

Neal also reported that a semi-final inspection of the new emergency room at the Crenshaw County Hospital resulted in four sprinkler heads needing to be installed along with two doors.

&#8220All of the emergency systems in the new portion of the hospital checked out today,” Neal said.

Tate reported that the paperwork for the proposed Sanitary and Storm Sewer Project (the proposed 2007 Community Development Block Grant) had been submitted. Also, there had been no word on any approvals for funding for the Beaver Branch Bridge project.

Plans and proposals have been submitted to ADEM and to ALDOT for approval of the city's water well project. Tate said the Historical Commission requirements have been met.

The next Luverne City Council meeting will be held on Monday, July 23, beginning with a public hearing at 4:30 p.m. The public hearing concerns the possible closing of the street located next to the Luverne United Methodist Church.