Florist shop under new ownership

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 16, 2007

A long-time Greenville business has a new owner. Camellia City Florist, located on East Commerce St. downtown, is now in the capable hands of Glenda Perdue, who took over the business in June.

Perdue, who had previously worked with former owner Teresa Stevens for more than five years, says Stevens took her under her wing and &#8220took a chance with me.”

&#8220I've done so many jobs - working in a service station, a pizza parlor, a sewing factory - you name it,” Perdue said.

&#8220The moment I was top production at a job, I would

go somewhere else. I was bored to death.”

When she first decided to try the floral business, the self-professed tomboy admits she was &#8220rough around the edges.”

&#8220This was totally out of my field. Buffing boats, mowing a lawn - yes. Flower arranging - no. I didn't think I was ever going to get a bow tied right,” she laughs.

&#8220I am surprised they didn't kick me out after the first week.”

However, according to Stevens, the potential was definitely there for this &#8220diamond in the rough.”

&#8220When I decided to sell the shop after 15 years, I knew it would be in good hands with Glenda. She's come a long way,” Stevens said.

And for Perdue, there are no more boring days at work.

&#8220The floral business provides me with something new every day, and I love the challenge,” she said.

Perdue says she is learning more about the business every day, and spends free time scouring books for ideas as well as calling other florists for their words of wisdom.

The florist, who lives in the Centenary Community between Greenville and Luverne, said the florist shop is &#8220just like home.” It is one she shares during the summer with her grandson, six-year-old Logan Perdue, who serves as a perfect gentleman, opening doors for the florist shop's customers.

&#8220Everyone comes in and asks about my family and my husband Joe's family. That's really nice. And it's such a good feeling when you can create something that makes other people happy. You can see it in their eyes,” Perdue said.

&#8220I just love Teresa and her family to death and will always appreciate them for giving me this chance and sticking with me.”

And that bow thing? She's got it down cold these days.

&#8220I have come a long way, and I am loving it,” Perdue laughed.