Lee Simmons named Parks and Rec director

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lee Simmons of Luverne has been named the new Luverne Parks and Recreation director, replacing Merrill Sport who recently turned in his resignation.

Simmons' first official day on the job was July 12. He has served as assistant director for the last three years and is very excited about his new position.

&#8220I'm thrilled about it,” Simmons said. &#8220I'm really looking forward to working with all the kids.”

E.L. Turner Park has seen several renovations and upgrades over the last year, including a complete renovation of one of the concession stands, and the addition of more sand around the swing sets and the playground areas for the children. Simmons added that the bleachers have been cut back from five rows to three rows as well.

&#8220We're going to try and rework all the fields during the off-season and haul in more dirt, recrown the infield and rework the outfield, too,” Simmons said. &#8220We've got some bad ruts out there, so we're going to resand the outfields.”

In addition to making more improvements in the facilities, Simmons is also excited about the goals he has for building the sports' programs overall.

&#8220My main goal is to build up the programs for all age groups, and that includes from kids all the way to adults,” he said. &#8220Not just in softball and baseball, either. I'd love to start a volleyball program for all age groups, and kickball and a soccer program just for the kids.”

Many cities, big and small, have seen an enormous growth in the interest of soccer.

&#8220This is my chance to step up and play a major role in the community,” Simmons said. &#8220I want to be able to teach the kids good sportsmanship and serve as a good role model to them.”

Simmons said the next scheduled event for the parks and recreation dept. is the co-ed softball tournament for ages 17 and up, which will be held Saturday, Aug. 16, at Person-to-Person Sports Plex. The time will be announced at a later date.

For more information about the Luverne Parks and Recreation Dept., contact Simmons at 335-3103 or by email at leesimmons@troycable.net.