Miz Fancy#039;s Parlor celebrates grand opening

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 21, 2007

With the daily stress and pressures of jobs, school, bills and family responsibilities, everyone needs the chance to have some place to &#8220get away from it all.”

And it's right here in our own back yard.

Miz Fancy's Parlor held its grand opening last Friday afternoon in its quaint location at 198 North Forest Avenue in Luverne. Co-owners Alan and Janie Stimatz could not have been more pleased.

&#8220This is a dream come true for me,” Janie Stimatz said. &#8220I love antiquesŠ.I have traveled all over the world and collected things, and now I want to share with others some of the treasures I have found over the years.”

Each room in the completely restored and renovated &#8220parlor” is lavishly decorated with antique furniture, china cabinets, Blue Willow China, beautiful oil paintings, lush couches with inviting cushions and throw pillows, all surrounded by rich Victorian colors.

In the front room, a beautiful fireplace mantel holds an antique clock; the Victorian-style high-back chairs are filled with tin-types and old photographs that add to the flavor and richness of the d\u00E9cor of yesteryear.

&#8220This is something Luverne doesn't have, and it caters to everybody,” Assistant Manager Cody McLeod said.

And McLeod is correct.

Anyone could get so caught up in the beautiful hardwood floors, the decorative floor rugs, the heavy curtain tassels and the ornate gilt-framed mirrors that it would be easy to forget one's manicure or hair appointment.

However, Miz Fancy's offers much more than just hair styling and pedicures.

&#8220We have everything from body wraps to complete facial scrubs and skin wraps,” Stimatz said. &#8220Our European skin wraps use mud imported from the Dead Sea so it contains natural skin-healing elements. We even have body wraps that will take three inches off of you.”

However, the availability of &#8220modern” conveniences in an &#8220old-style” setting only adds to the charm of Miz Fancy's.

&#8220We really tried to keep everything in style with the age of the house,” she explained. &#8220Everything in sight is for saleŠ.We wanted a place with an antique look but with the most up-to-date amenities.”

As she walked through Miz Fancy's, Stimatz stops long enough to share a laugh with Guy Simmons, who was getting his hair trimmed by Jackie Dunn, the managing hair dresser with 22 years of experience.

&#8220This is a place for both men and women to come and relax,” she said, smiling.

Miz Fancy's Parlor also offers massages, ladies' lingerie, and it will soon offer old-timey photographs. There is even a closet that has been turned into a small library.

Stimatz is proud of the staff at Miz Fancy's.

&#8220We're a team here,” she said.

Paula Johnson is the store's site manager. Stimatz said that there were not enough words for her to express concerning all of the things Johnson had done for her and for the parlor.

&#8220Paula is a designer, a skilled decoratorŠŠ.why, she can even landscape a yard!” she said, laughing. &#8220I dream the dream, and she weaves itŠŠ.that's why I call her my ‘dream weaver.'”

Lacy Johnson is an on-site cosmetologist who is also a Rising Star Educator from Dillard's Salon in Montgomery.

Kendyl Rushing is a sales associate, and Tisha Mitchell is Miz Fancy's nail technician.

&#8220Tisha keeps everybody laughing,” Stimatz said. &#8220She knows the latest nail techniques and she can do the most beautiful hand-painted nail designs.”

Stimatz added that Anthony Moses was also part of the Miz Fancy team, doing &#8220anything that required heavy physical labor.”

&#8220And my husband Alan backs us up,” Stimatz added, laughing. &#8220He shares my ambition for business ideas, and he has helped me so much when it comes to organization. He has been a big inspiration for me.”

So, the next time you're feeling down and out or just plain depressed, treat yourself to some extra special pampering and visit Miz Fancy's Parlor.

&#8220The feminine side of a woman wants to be fancy,” Stimatz said, smiling. &#8220She's glamorous, she's tough, she's been there and done that - everybody has a little part of ‘Miz Fancy' in them.”