Area growth an amazing thing to behold

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 22, 2007

Locals are noticing it. Visitors down I-65 is noticing it and people who are coming home to Butler County really are noticing it. We're growing by leaps and bounds.

When the U.S. Census Bureau issued statistics recently that showed an estimate that Butler County would drop by a couple thousand by 2010, we looked on this with some curiosity. Since 2000 when the last census was taken, look at the growth: a new high school in Greenville, two new banks, a host of new retailers, established retailers expanding, a new theater, new restaurants, plans for new schools, expansion of the YMCA…the list is endless.

Look around, all of Butler County is changing for the better. No longer are we the county that wished we had what others had. We're getting it.

There have been naysayers all along who have fought this advancement with tooth and nail because they kept saying it would never happen here. That Greenville would never get the opportunities afforded other cities. That Butler County could never do what others do, but guess what? It's happening all around us.

Look at Greenville alone. From the red clay banks off Exit 130, the skyline of 10 years ago is no more. The skyline of five years ago is no more. What is emerging is the what we were promised by people like Mayor Dexter McLendon, Economic Development Director Ricky McLaney and many more. We were told to be patient and have faith and we would see results. Well the results can clearly be seen in the bright red clay vanishing and it be replaced by businesses, homes and so much more.

So we urge our county leaders, our city leaders, our economic leaders and everyone else involved with the process so far, to push harder, want more and let's make Butler County a destination location.

This is our home and we couldn't be more pleased with its outlook.

-Greenville Advocate