Cultish behavior, cocaine lead to 15 arrests by BCSO

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 22, 2007


Two men, suspected of driving from Birmingham to deal their drugs, found themselves facing the Butler County Sheriff's Office last week.

Sheriff Kenny Harden said a tip led to the arrest of the two men

Clifton Carter, Jr., 48, and Clarence Powell, 52, both of Birmingham, were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, namely cocaine and crack. They were arrested on Poole Road.

&#8220We received information that they were in the area selling their drugs and we found them on Poole

Road,” he said. &#8220One of the men was standing next to his car using the bathroom when we pulled up.”

Harden said the men consented to having their car searched and the drugs were found.

&#8220The street value of the drugs they had was about $2,000,” Harden said.

Harden said his department also dealt with an odd case recently that resulted in three adults and 10 juveniles being arrested.

The arrests occurred on July 13, also known this year as Friday the 13th.

&#8220This was a combined effort by the Butler County Sheriff's Office, the Alabama Beverage Control officer and the conservation officers,” he said.  &#8220When we got to Constellation

Church off Oakey Street, we found 13 people inside the church doing their Friday the 13th thing.”

Harden said they had drawn a star on the floor of the church and had candles lit.

&#8220We have had reports since January of people vandalizing the church and cemetery,” Harden said. &#8220We've tried to catch them and on Friday the 13th, their luck ran out. I guess they were calling up the devil and I answered the call,” he said.

Although services are no longer held at the church, it is kept up due to a large cemetery being on the grounds.

&#8220They have broken windows, an outside bathroom was destroyed, someone wrote 666 on the wall, it has just been a mess out there,” he said.

Arrested and charged with burglary and criminal mischief were:

Billy O'Neal Ramsey, 19; Donnie Ray Huckabaa, 29; and Brandy Stroud, 18, all of Red Level.

Harden said 10 juveniles were also arrested and charged for burglary and criminal mischief.

&#8220We turned the juveniles over to their parents that night and have forwarded the case on to the juvenile court,” he said.  &#8220All 13 were from Covington


The sheriff urged anyone who sees anything suspicious out in the county at night around churches to notify the BCSO immediately at 382-6521.