Savoring sweet summer treats

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 22, 2007


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Stabler Memorial

Hospital's Senior Circle escaped from the sultry summer heat on Thursday afternoon to enjoy some sweet, juicy (and low-cal) watermelon during their monthly social at the hospital cafeteria.

&#8220This month, we went healthy - no guilt. Last month, it was ice cream,” laughed Senior Circle Director Linda Holley.

Both familiar red and less conventional yellow melons were chilled, sliced and sampled by those in attendance, with several folks remarking on the particular delectability of the yellow variety (&#8220now that is a really good melon!”).

One young man, almost-four-year-old Stephen Waggoner, certainly savored the sweet summer treat.

&#8220Are you enjoying that?”  His brown eyes answered in the affirmative as he took another enthusiastic bite.

The youngster's older Senior

Circle friends have also enjoyed such food-related activities as pea-shelling contests, Holley said.

&#8220We once had 14 or 15 ladies all shelling, and I had a hard time keeping peas on hand to keep them busy during the timed period,” the director recalled.

Holley said she took some of the freshly-shelled peas, cooked them, added a platter of fried chicken, cornbread, tomatoes and sweet tea - &#8220the perfect southern summer lunch” for the pea-shelling crew.

&#8220These socials are always a lot of fun. We look forward to having more people come and join us!”

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Circle, contact Linda Holley at 382-3205.