Grant right step to keep city beautiful

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Greenville City Council took the first step Monday evening to ridding our city of dilapidated houses and other buildings in the Baptist Hill area.

We applaud this decision and hope the funds are approved. Yes, it will require the city to pay $25,000 in matching funds, but this would be money well spent.

For too long, houses in such disrepair that they could only be described as slums and shacks have been left to the elements. It is in these areas that the criminal element often tries to hide their behavior.

It is important that these houses are also removed for aesthetic and economic development reasons. Prospective business owners and prospective residents could be swayed if they see homes that look impoverished and falling down.

This action can only make our quality of life better all around. – Greenville Advocate