Jaycees golf tournament largest ever

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Greenville Jaycees hosted the ninth annual Kids Classic golf tournament at Cambrian Ridge, and according to Jaycees president and tournament coordinator William Martin, it was the largest ever.

&uot;We were up four teams from last year,&uot; Martin said. &uot;It was also the largest amount of sponsors we’ve ever had.&uot;

Martin said he was expecting between 50-60 people for the tournament, and it turned out that he was right - the actual number was 54, which was up from 41 the previous year.

Martin also said that every year the tournament grows a little bit, maybe through an extra team or extra sponsor.

With such an increase in participants, it should be no wonder that this was the largest tournament so far.

&uot;It was definitely up from last year or any other year,&uot; Martin said. &uot;It was our largest one ever.&uot;

The money raised will go to benefit Butler County foster children.

&uot;There are so many restrictions from the state about how you spend money, and the Jaycees just fill in the gaps and make trips with the kids and things like that a possibility,&uot; said Dot Watson, Butler County Child Welfare Supervisor. &uot;They’ve just recently sponsored a portion of a trip for our teens to go to Birmingham and visit the McWayne Center and the civil rights museum.&uot;

Every year, the Butler County Department of Human Resources throws a Christmas party for foster children and some of the money raised goes toward gifts for the children.

Throughout the year, sometimes other needs arise.

&uot;They typically have helped us with bookbags for our foster children,&uot; Watson said. &uot;When we have asked for help with school supplies, they have always helped and we couldn’t get along without them.&uot;

Watson said that this fundraiser is the only fundraiser that brings money to DHR.

&uot;We do get money from the city and from the Butler County Commission, but as far as fundraisers go, this is it - I don’t think we have any others,&uot; she said.

The fundraiser is also the largest of the year for the Jaycees, and with such a large operation, there are also many people to thank.

&uot;We want to thank all the participants, sponsors, Jaycees that helped with the event, Heather Scott and Betsy Waller,&uot; Martin said. &uot;We also want to thank Cambrian Ridge and their staff for all the help they gave us.&uot;

Watson also expressed gratitude to the Jaycees.

&uot;They really are wonderful to us, and I’ve never had them turn us down,&uot; she said. &uot;They are a wonderful group of guys to work with, and we really appreciate them and all they do.&uot;