Cluttered notebook clean again

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2007

Odds and ends, bits and pieces and an opinion or two from a notebook badly in need of cleaningŠ

Three months into our residency here, I like the optimistic attitude of our communities. Hope we'll all work together to maximize the potential of Butler County and south AlabamaŠlooks like we can accomplish whatever we set our collective minds to achievingŠthe key is encouraging folks to buy into a realistic long-range plan that is highlighted by small successes that solidify the foundation.

ŠBy my count, there are 19 Greenvilles in the United StatesŠNorth Carolina is the largest with 65,497, New York the smallest with 493Šour population, based on the July update is now 7,087Š

Wouldn't it be nice to have a bookstore and coffee shop in the downtown areaŠalso a nice spot for an end-of-the-day cocktail?

ŠHaven't met horticulturist Jennifer Stringer yet, but must admit, I admire her workŠlittle touches like hanging baskets and pretty flowers made a differenceŠhope the red clay that surrounds The Edge will be broken by landscaping touches when completedŠonce construction on the motel and apartment complex begin, that development will take offŠthanks to developer Robert Bishop for doing it rightŠ

It costs $35,000 per day to run the City of Greenville, by the way.

ŠCEO Marty Felts says The Edge is here to stay. Folks might get concerned if the car count drops in September, but that's normal in the movie theater business. December and the summer months are the most important for revenue productionŠif you haven't been yet, don't waitŠthose among the 550 who attended the grand opening are still buzzing about its qualityŠ

Words to the wise: Only the mediocre are always at their best.

ŠCongratulations to Herbert Morton and Gene Hardin on their selection as Melvin Jones Award winnersŠthat's the highest honor a Lions Club member can achieveŠ

Hard to believe, but first day of classes for public schools is Aug. 9. Fort Dale Academy starts Aug. 16Šsenior class tradition of painting the parking lot at Fort Dale appears under wayŠaverage ACT score is impressive thereŠso is number of recent students in college.

ŠGood luck to Johnny Lee, newly elected member of the county's board of educationŠlowering the Greenville High practice field eight feet sets the stage for a new stadiumŠSen. Wendell Mitchell was one of five Alabama senators to attend the Southern Legislative Conference at state expenseŠCharles Jones and Bobby Rogers are good guysŠask anyoneŠ

Does everyone in town like Jeddo BellŠhis smiling face and positive attitude seem to show up everywhereŠI've not heard a single bad word about him yetŠand he's a snappy dresser, tooŠfellow councilman James Lewis is progressing well in his health battle.

ŠDevelopment of the Butler County Magnet School is excitingŠthe accelerated math and science program for top eighth graders will pay huge dividends as the system's overall program continues to improveŠthere are 49,574 teachers in AlabamaŠaverage pay is $42,600Š80 percent are womenŠ

Tip of the Hat to Susan MurphyŠshe was recognized as a distinguished president of CivitansŠkeep your eye on Connie ColemanŠshe has big plans for Rotary as its new presidentŠlikewise for Katie Holcomb, in her second term as president of the Lions.

ŠTo you guys: If your wife isn't treating you the way she should, thank herŠ

Majors Cleaners and Laundry is celebrating its 60th year in businessŠthat's a milestone for any companyŠwe're lucky to have the YMCA hereŠif you're not a member, you should beŠwhat an inexpensive way to stay healthy and maybe even live longer…watching Montgomery's baseball Biscuits is terrific family entertainmentŠgood team, great nickname.

ŠI thank the late President Eisenhower for his vision in creating the interstate highway system, but I'm not looking forward to the three-year project that widens Interstate 65 south of MontgomeryŠCommunity college chancellor Bradley Byrne's credibility took an immediate hit when details of embattled Bishop State College president Yvonne Kennedy's departure were made publicŠ

Former Greenville banker Ed Livingston is CEO at BancTrust in BrewtonŠthat's the group that recently purchased Peoples Bank and Trust CoŠ.don't you imagine the folks on Gamble Street hope the resurfacing project ends soon?…new paved parking lot at Gateway Plaza is a marked and appreciated improvementŠ

Remember this: A bear has 42 teeth. A frog has to close its eyes to swallow. And four out of five people who try out a new pen will write their own name first.

ŠGood to see construction beginning on the new jailŠknow the planning concept is always a challengeŠjust hope the facility will be adequate for a long timeŠsaving too many pennies now could cost us laterŠ

Thanks to Ed RichardsonŠhis tenure as Auburn University president has restored higher levels of confidence, trust and directionŠwho are county chairmen of Auburn, Alabama and Troy alumni groups?

ŠState department of agriculture and industries wants to recognize farms that have been in the same family 100 years or more or have some historical significanceŠa call to 334-240-7126 will get you more informationŠ

And if you're looking for a quality program, say thanks to children's librarian Jean Bauer at the Greenville Butler County LibraryŠfrom what I've heard the summer reading program there has been clever, creative and challenging.

Finally, share this: Friendship is like a bank account. You can't continue to draw on it without making deposits.

Have a nice day!

Ed Darling is president and publisher of Greenville Newspapers LLC. Contact him at 382-3111 or ed.darling@