County#039;s VFDs receive #036;22K in funds

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2007

So many times, no one thinks about the services and sacrifices that are made by volunteer firefighters until those services and sacrifices are needed.

Several volunteer fire departments all around the state of Alabama are in dire need of funds for new equipment, new trucks, training exercises, and, of course, for fuel.

Last Thursday evening, Sen. Wendell Mitchell, of Luverne, and Rep. Charles Newton, of Greenville, met with fire chiefs and representatives of all

12 volunteer fire departments in Crenshaw County to thank them for the much-needed services they provide to the citizens all over the county.

The group met at the Emergency Management Agency during the Crenshaw County Volunteer Fire Department Association's regular meeting.

Both Mitchell and Newton presented each fire dept. with a check for $1,895.73, which comes from appropriations made from the State Legislature for the support of volunteer fire depts. and are given through the Alabama Forestry Commission.

&#8220Over the last two or three years, some of you have asked me about special needs you have, especially for things like new fire trucks,” Mitchell said. &#8220I've been looking for ways to help, and you'll be hearing from me really soon based on your prior requests.”

Mitchell added that &#8220we were able to pursue that amount of money without any opposition” within the State Legislature.

Rep. Charles Newton echoed Mitchell's sentiments about the great need for volunteer fire departments in each community and how important they are to the overall safety of the residents.

&#8220I appreciate so much what you do,” Newton said. &#8220I can say that the House and the Senate appreciate the hours you give to your community. The Legislature hears your voice and understands your plight.”

&#8220If there is any way we can help, please continue to call on us, and we'll continue to look for matching funds for you.”

When asked about the recent retirement of the Alabama Forestry Commission's Crenshaw County agent Tim Money, Mac Prince said that they were &#8220looking at restaffing the county with another forester.”

Prince currently serves as manager for both Pike and Crenshaw counties since Money's retirement.

At the end of the presentation of the checks, Sen. Mitchell read a letter from Gov. Bob Riley expressing his appreciation to the volunteer fire departments for the &#8220selfless dedication you show to the people you serve.”