Father and son bring in a #8216;whale#039; of a catch

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 9, 2007

There were no &#8220fish tales” and no need for Charles DeVoss of Luverne to stretch the truth last week after a fishing trip with his son Hunter.

The father-and-son team reeled in a 76-pound carp out of the Alabama River on July 30. It was 4 feet, 1/8 inches long.

&#8220I was actually fishing for catfish when I caught him,” Charles DeVoss said. &#8220I thought I had a catfish on the line, but when he broke the surface, I realized I had a different kind of fish.”

It took DeVoss and his son, a third grader at Luverne Elementary School, one hour and thirty minutes to land the giant fish.

&#8220Hunter netted him when we got him to the boat,” DeVoss said. &#8220And then I dragged him onto the boat.”

The current state record for a white carp is 70 pounds; however, DeVoss has to get confirmation on the exact species of their catch.

&#8220I've been told it could be a bighead carp, a white carp or a silver carp,” he said. &#8220It might even be an albino fish, which means it could be even more than just a state record.”

After returning home, DeVoss and Hunter took the fish to Big Daddy's Outdoors to have it weighed. It is now at Milam Beasley's Wet and Wild Taxidermy where it will be mounted.

&#8220The game and fish warden who saw it said those fish weren't supposed to be in our waters,” he added. &#8220He said it was rare to see one much less catch one.”

This giant prize was caught using a Shakespeare rod and reel with a 10-pound test line.