Support Watermelon Jubilee

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 9, 2007

This weekend the Greenville YMCA will once again host the annual Watermelon Jubilee. This is the center's premier fundraising event and it should be supported wholeheartedly by local residents.

It is because of this event that the YMCA can continue certain programs. It is also why new programs are added each year. All monies raised remain in Greenville and that should be something we can all appreciate.

This year's Jubilee will feature our own Marty Raybon who will perform on Saturday. We should also be sure to show support to someone who considers Butler County a home place for him.

This is a great opportunity for families to spend one last weekend together now that school is back in session. The costs associated with attending are minimal compared with what you will pay to go elsewhere for a weekend of entertainment. Last week we implored you to support your local businesses and this weekend we implore you to support your local YMCA.

This faith-based organization continues to work to instill values in children that will transform them into productive adult citizens.

Instead of rushing elsewhere this week, go spend some time on Watermelon Hill. You might just find that you enjoy yourself more and the drive home doesn't take nearly as long.