Commission to assist Dongwon with IDB project

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Crenshaw County Commission has approved the following items:

n Approved payment of $2,696.50 on the Honoraville Senior Center project.

n Approved for the Commission to pay a one-time priority fee on each Southern Linc unit as requested by the EMA Director Jessica Tomlin.

n To give County Administrator David Smyth authority to research and find the most compatible plan for the commissioners' Southern Lincs.

n Approved Jeanie Gibson to the Community Corrections Board of Directors.

n Approved $4,094 out of the general fund to repair a repeater at the Borea Water Tank in north Crenshaw.

n Approved for Chairman Ronnie Hudson to sign any and all documents on any grant that will assist Industrial Development Board (IDB) projects with Dongwon, and Dongwon will supply the match. County Engineer Benjie Sanders said Dongwon might not qualify for a CDBG grant since this project concerned a sewer system that served only an industry and not a neighborhood. He added that the facility would need an approximately $200,000 grant.

Robyn Snellgrove, the CCEIDA acting director since the resignation of Director Jim Brook, presented Dongwon's request to the commission.

n Gave approval to Revenue Commissioner Sherry McSwean to provide a mapping CD to Homeland Security for their use.

n Approved Sheriff Charles West's recommendation to hire Ellis Farley at $10.50 an hour as a domestic violence officer.

n Approved to pay Honoraville Historic invoice upon approval from Jessica Ahn.

n Approved the addition of the NACO (National Association of Counties) retirement plan to the county employees' payroll option. The software to have it added would be $650.

n Approved the motion not to participate in terrorism insurance coverage again this year.

n Approved charging the Crenshaw County

Board of Education for its landfill usage.

n Approved payment of $1,043 to Terra Engineering for landfill permit work.

n Approved the appointments of Dawn Rayborn and Jessica Tomlin to the Public Building Authority Board.

n Chairman Ronnie Hudson asked County Administrator David Smyth to send a $1,000 invoice to Prissy Johnson, chairman of the Hospital Board, for their kitchen use of the old First Step Building while Crenshaw Community Hospital was renovating.

n Approved payment of $4,395 to Auburn Engineering for landfill work performed.

n Appointed Anita West to the South Central Mental Health Board.