One-stop tags look to Jan. 1 start date

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crenshaw County Probate Judge Jim Perdue told the Crenshaw County Commission at its Aug. 13 meeting that he was in the process of getting budget approvals from S&W Computers for the one-stop tag buying conversion for the Probate Office. Perdue added that he will be able to use the existing office space but would probably need to add one new employee. He is working toward a Jan. 1, 2008, beginning date to implement the one-stop tag measure.

County Engineer Benjie Sanders reported that shoulder work and grassing had been completed on the Daniel Branch Project.

&#8220I'd like to get it done by the end of the fiscal year,” he said. &#8220Bridges are going to be big on next year's agenda for Congress because of the recent tragedy.”

Sanders said the department is presently spraying some brush in the county; however, he said they don't have enough money to spray all the dirt roads in the county.

Sheriff Charles West had presented an application for approval for an ADECA grant under the &#8220Juvenile Justice Title II Part B Formula Grant Program.” This program would target juvenile offenders, including in such areas as the removal of juveniles from adult jails and lockups.

ADECA requires that all applications must be written in the format of a five-year plan, which includes a five-year 20 percent reduction of cost policy for the Formula Grant Program. During the first year, the sheriff's office could receive 100 percent of the requested funds; the next year, 80 percent of requested funds would be received with the application subgrantee paying the other 20 percent. This continues until the fifth year when the subgrantee pays 100 percent.

In a letter from ADECA Division Director Robert H. Pruit, it stated: &#8220ŠI understand your letter to state that the Commission would like to apply for and receive 100% of the funds for the first year of the project's operation, and possibly apply for and receive 80% of the funds for the second yearŠHowever, beyond the first and/or second years of funding for the project, the Commission plans to drop the projectŠdue to the Commission's lack of commitment to contribute the required amounts and percentages of matching funds each yearŠ.(This) would place in serious jeopardy the subgrantee's ability to obtain from ADECA and the ADECA LETS Division any and all future grant funds through which to administer and implement targeted projects within its communityŠ”

West told the commission that the county had about 100 juveniles who would fall under the program.

&#8220You'd have someone who could go out and check on them,” he said.

&#8220We agree with your other issues, but applying for this grant was just too risky,” Commissioner Charlie Sankey said.

&#8220We're running on a shoestring budget,” Commission Chairman Ronnie Hudson said. &#8220We're worried about what would happen after three years.”

No further action was taken on the matter.