No recount in city’s District 3 race

Published 10:50 pm Friday, September 5, 2008

Andalusia City Councilman Andy Alexander said Tuesday night he won’t ask for a recount of last month’s District 3 council race, which he lost by one vote.

State law allows Alexander — or any other candidate — to call for a recount within 48 hours of the council’s official canvassing of the election. The Andalusia City Council canvassed the returns at 11 a.m. Tues., Sept. 2.

If the final vote doesn’t change in a recount, the person who calls for the recount must foot the bill. If the totals change, the city must bear the cost.

“It would cost me almost $1,000 to have a recount,” Alexander said. “That’s more than I spent in all three of my campaigns.”

Alexander, who has served on the council for 12 years, lost to Hazel Griffin. She received 117 votes; he received 116.

After last Tuesday’s election, provisional ballots cast were delivered to the Board of Registrars. The registrars were charged with determining if the provisional ballots were cast by registered voters and if they should be counted. No provisional ballots were cast in District 3.

There were, however, five provisional ballots that were counted: three in District 4 and two in District 5. Those ballots changed final vote totals but not the outcome of any races.

The council certified Earl Johnson, Will Sconiers, Kennith Mount, Griffin and Terry Powell as winners in last week’s election. A runoff is scheduled for Tues., Oct. 7, in District 4, where Don Cotton received 232 votes, Jason Jewell received 206, and Tony Brown received 149. Cotton and Jewell will meet in the runoff.

The new council will take office on Mon., Nov. 3.