Loud music could lead to hearing loss

Published 12:10 am Saturday, September 20, 2008


There is something I would like to rewrite. People are obviously not listening. This is very important for everyone to listen, especially the young people. Assistant Police Chief Rusty Patterson of Andalusia talks about the danger of what loud music can cause to the young people’s health, especially to their ears. He says kids need to realize that loud noise can severely damage hearing.

The concern about hearing loss is valid. Data from the American Hearing Research Foundation’s Web site indicates that car stereos have a peak noise level of 154 decibels, while a gunshot only registers at 169 decibels. While the maximum loudness level for most car stereos is far below 154 decibels, long-term exposure can still cause hearing damage. The AHRF says that the easiest and most obvious way to prevent hearing loss is avoiding the noise.

A statement on the AHRF Web site says if you think you have grown used to a loud noise, it has probably already damaged your ears, and there is no surgery — not even a hearing aid — that truly corrects your hearing once it has been damaged by noise.

So everyone, please listen to what Rusty Patterson has to say. If not, go right ahead and keep playing your loud music and get to where you can’t hear. Then maybe, maybe, you’ll realize you should have listened.

Barbara Sue Dennis