Gas drops below $3

Published 2:17 am Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Motorists experienced a smaller pinch at the pump in recent days as the price of unleaded fuel continued a slow decline in price, but some wonder just how long the relief will last.

Roy Mohon, owner of several Gitty Up N Go convenience stores throughout the city of Andalusia, said he believes the recent decline is a direct reflection of market conditions and customers should not be surprised if prices increase again as the economy begins to recover.

“If the economy picks up, then the demand will pick up and the price will go up,” he said. “Supply and demand did not change overnight. What changed overnight was the stock market. The speculators predicted a change in demand for gas and that caused a shift in the cost of the product.”

Gas prices continued to decline throughout the county Tuesday afternoon with some stations selling regular unleaded for $2.87 per gallon and the highest price per gallon clocking in at $2.92 for regular unleaded.

Shannon Halford, manager of the Gitty Up N Go across from Jackson Honda in downtown Andalusia, said she is pleased to see fuel prices finally begin to decline.

“Everyone has been excited,” she said. “We have been much busier since the price of fuel has went down. I am glad to see things finally take a turn for the better.”

Neal Campbell, a resident of the Sugar Hill community just outside of Andalusia, said the decrease in fuel cost will free up some much needed cash throughout the week.

“I usually burn a tank of gas per week,” he said. “My driving habits do not change if the price of fuel changes. I do not really ride around and waste gas. I drive to and from work and run whatever errands are necessary.

“I am glad to see the price finally drop,” he added. “It will definitely mean some extra cash I get to keep in my pocket instead of putting it into the tank.”

Campbell, who drives a Chevrolet Malibu, said the savings will make a tremendous difference for his son.

“I have a 16-year-old son who drives a truck and my wife also drives a car,” he said. “It will help everyone. Every little bit counts.”

Andalusia resident Lonzell Marshall said he is also glad to see prices come down.

“I am very happy to see it coming down,” he said. “When prices get so high it makes it hard for people to make it. Hopefully the economy will turn around and good things will continue to happen.”

According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge report for Alabama, the average price per gallon for gas in the state was $3.21 Tuesday, down from Monday’s state average of $3.26. Tuesday’s fuel cost was a 73-cent decrease from the state average of $3.94 at this time last month. The state average fuel cost for Alabama hit a record high $4.05 a gallon for regular unleaded fuel on Sept. 18, 2008, before beginning its decline.