Council-elect members reach agreement on appointments

Published 1:16 am Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The recently-elected Andalusia City Council Tuesday reached consensus on the appointments it at its organizational meeting just after being sworn in on Mon., Nov. 3.

On the recommendations of Mayor-elect Earl Johnson, the council agreed they will make the following appointments:

Terry Powell as mayor pro tem. Johnson said traditionally, the Andalusia Council has given the council member who received the most votes, as Powell did in the 2008 election, that honor.

Kenneth Mount to the Southeast Alabama Gas District board. Mount served on that board in a previous term on the council.

Powell to the Utilities Board.

Will Sconiers to the Planning Commission.

Mark Christiansen as city attorney. Members of the council-elect voted 4-1 for this recommendation, with Hazel Griffin voting against. Griffin said she favored keeping current city attorney Tom Albritton.

Mike Jones as city judge. Again, Griffin spoke in favor of the current office-holder, Patrick McCalman.

“He has done a good job, an excellent job, and I don’t see moving him out of this,” Griffin said, suggesting that the council leave McCalman in place and make Jones city prosecutor.

The vote was 3-2, with Griffin and Sconiers voting against. Sconiers said he respected Jones, but “I’ve had a lot of folks call me about McCalman. He’s been a fine city judge. It’s nothing against you,” he said to Jones, who attended the meeting.

McCalman as city prosecutor.

John F. Jones Jr. as public defender.