Banding together

Published 9:42 pm Thursday, October 23, 2008

Organizers of Saturday’s Opp Fest hope the addition of a new stage featuring a different sound will attract the attention of Covington County’s younger generation.

Flat Line, a seven-piece country rock band based out of the Opp area, is sure their show will please.

“We play a wide range of music from old George Jones all the way to Nickelback,” John Atkins, rhythm guitarist for Flat Line, said. “We mix in a little rock, country, blues and any other good rock. We are set up to go anywhere and play for anyone. Everyone likes good rock and roll.”

Other members of the ensemble include backup vocalist Tammy Atkins, drummer Bill Seal, lead guitarist James Hall, soundman Shannon Tyson and bass guitarist Dr. Bob Williams.

Atkins said Flat Line’s performance is as much about presentation as it is about sound.

“I play with a wireless setup during shows to provide a little extra freedom,” he said. “I like to move in and out of the crowd during the performance. One minute I could be on the stage in the front of the crowd and the next minute be moving behind the crowd. I do not like to stay in one place for too long.

“We think it should be about more than just good music,” he added. “We play good music and we like to put on a good show. I am never serious during a show. You will see me cutting up throughout our sets.”

Opp Fest attendees who stop by Flat Line’s setup on stage “B,” which will be located in the parking lot behind Wachovia in Opp, will be treated to another unique performance Saturday.

“We have another performer who will visit the stage in between our sets,” Atkins said. “Most local people will probably know him. Robert Tuttle will perform as Elvis for about 45 minutes .We will probably let him come on around 1 p.m. to give us a break about midday.”

Opp Fest festivities and musical performances will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday and Flat Line will take the stage at 11 a.m. for their first set of the day.

Other acts on the schedule for Opp Fest include a performance of the “National Anthem” by Annie Ball to kick off the day, the Double Nickel Band, Fertile Ground, Praises For, Turman Family Bluegrass, Ashley Paige, Anna Garrot, Lamar Morris, Perry Kitching, Destiny Seven and several others.