Man pleads in stabbing death

Published 2:02 am Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Lockhart man charged with stabbing a Florala man in the chest in 2006 pleaded guilty Friday to manslaughter.

Skylard D. Bradberry, 26, was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in the 2006 stabbing death of Jon Jon Jamison.

Reports indicated that on Jan. 16, 2006, Florala police were called to the residence of Kristi Owens in Florala where they found Jamison with two fatal stab wounds to the torso.

“According to Owens, she and Bradberry were in bed together when Jamison entered her residence and found the two together,” District Attorney Greg Gambril said. “Owens stated that Jamison, who had fathered two children with Owens but did not live with her, became irate and attacked Bradberry.”

During the altercation, Bradberry grabbed a nearby knife.

“Bradberry stabbed Jamison twice with the knife, broke away from Jamison and then fled the premises,” he said. “Jamison attempted to pursue him but collapsed at the apartment’s door. He died shortly thereafter.”

Gambril said the state had evidence to prove that Jamison was coaxed to the residence by Owens, who he felt had tried to “set up” the altercation between two men who she had been in engaged in relationships with over time.

“Under the law, Mr. Bradberry did not have legal grounds to defend himself with ‘deadly physical force’ as Jon Jon did not have a weapon at the time of the altercation.

“On the other hand, we had no way to counter Ms. Owens’s and Mr. Bradberry’s statements that Jon Jon was the aggressor, which would have given Mr. Bradberry the right to defend himself, just not with a weapon,” Gambril said.

Also according to the autopsy report, the stab wounds inflicted upon Jamison were consistent with the defendant’s version of what happened, he said.

Gambril also confirmed reports that Jamison had drugs and alcohol in his system at the time of the offense.

“My heart goes out to Jon Jon’s family,” Gambril said. “Jon Jon Jamison was cared for and is missed greatly by his loved ones. His children will have to grow up without knowing their daddy. Even though he made some poor decisions, it doesn’t change the fact that he was a human being and was loved.

Pursuant to his plea agreement with the state, Bradberry will serve five years of his sentence and will then be on probation for a period of 15 years. In the event he violates that probation, he could be ordered to serve the entirety of his sentence.