Party chairmen each have positive outlook

Published 11:21 pm Monday, November 3, 2008

“Politickin’” was the name of the game Monday as local candidates made last minute efforts to win votes in today’s election.

According to the local Democratic and Republican party chairmen, county commission candidates spent the majority of the day installing signs near polling places throughout the county.

“Our local guys — Johnny Mac Weed and Eugene Nall — were very busy out this weekend,” said Democratic Party chair Allen Woodard. “And on Monday, they were out doing those last minute things that candidates do — like putting up signs around and about.”

Weed faces Republican candidate Lynn Sasser for the chairman seat; Carl Turman faces Nall in District 4; and Bragg Carter faces Wyley Ward in District 2. David Ellis was elected to the District 1 seat in June. District 3 Commissioner Harold Elmore also has no opposition.

Republican Party chair William Blocker said his party’s candidates were “just doing what they’ve been doing for the last several months, getting out to meet people.”

Both expect voter turnout to be huge.

“I think you’re going to see 60 percent in the county with between 13,000 to 14,000 residents voting,” Woodard said.

“Typically, we’ve averaged around 12,000 in presidential elections.”

Both chairmen also said they felt their respective party would get good results at the polls.

“Obviously everyone’s seen the polling numbers nationally (for president),” Blocker said. “Popular vote’s very close right now; the electoral vote’s the big issue. It could go like the polling is going, but it could also be a lot better than what Sen. (John) McCain is showing.

“We expect Jeff Sessions to win (in the Senate race),” he said. “Certainly, we expect Jay Love to win the Second Congressional District seat. Our judicial candidates, I really don’t have a good feel for those, but I expect them to do well.

“Along with our local candidates, hopefully they’ll get a strong showing thanks to straight-ticket voting,” he said. “We feel really good about our slate of candidates on the Republican side and hopefully a lot of folks will mark straight down the ticket and we can pick up votes there.”

Woodard said he feels it’s going to be down to the wire for the majority of the candidates.

“This is just like being at the 2-yard line and it’s fourth down and it’s time to drive the ball on into the goal,” Woodard said. “It’s game time. I hope that both candidates are successful in their bid for election.”

When the county commission chairman candidates were asked what they spent the majority of Monday doing, both replied, “politickin’.”