AMS starts humane society

Published 7:28 pm Friday, November 14, 2008

Young animal lovers at Andalusia Middle School now have the opportunity to help their furry friends by joining the school’s new humane society.

Amy Caudle, a special education teacher at AMS, helped start the club this year along with fellow teacher Meredith Beck.

“This is a new club and we have about a third of the students here in the middle school who have joined,” Caudle said. “The students will be trained to work with animals and they’re going to participate in several projects with the Andalusia Area Humane Society.”

Over the past two weeks, the AMS humane society has sponsored a pet supplies drive at the school. Students have been asked to bring in supplies needed by the animal shelter, including leashes, collars and food. The drive brought in more than 600 items.

The club has 127 members at the school and recently elected its officers for the year. Pierre Johnson serves as the club’s president, Cassie Cooper is vice president, Ali Jackson is treasurer and Olivia Dixon is secretary.

“I was really excited to join,” Johnson said. “I feel like I can help animals now more than I could before. You get the feeling that everyone in the club is really dedicated to helping animals.”

Earlier this month, the AMS humane society volunteered at the AAHS’s “Pet Photos with Santa” fund-raiser. Future projects the AMS humane society will help with include the “Cat Tales” rescue and AAHS adoption campaigns.