Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Published 11:59 pm Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a time for family to gather and express gratitude for a multitude of things, but for some kindergarten students at Straughn Elementary School the holiday has taken on a different definition.

Each kindergarten class at SES was asked one question – why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Allie Ivey, Hunter Blair, Rebecca Simon, Tianna Tillis, Daisy Cordle, William Pettie, Chip Morgan and Gabbie Harris responded simply “because we are thankful.”

Ella Kate Nicholas extended the sentiment to express what she is most thankful for.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving to show we are thankful for what our families have done for us,” she said.

Other students offered a variety of colorful explanations for the holiday.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving because we are worshiping God,” Gracy Lawson said.

“We celebrate because we are thankful we have so much to share,” Kaitlinne James said.

“We are thankful we have so much to eat,” Harley Lee said.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving because we eat turkeys and different kinds of Thanksgiving foods,” Ethan Carpenter said.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s sweet and we eat turkey,” Emma Henley said.

Some students associated Thanksgiving with its historical roots as a celebration held between Pilgrims and Indians during the time of harvest.

“We have Indians and pilgrims and corn and some food and people,” Braxton Brundidge said.

“We have Thanksgiving to celebrate God and help us survive and to eat nice food and colorful corn,” Danny Mock said.

“It’s the day pilgrims and Indians met and we celebrate God,” Brayden Nelson said.

Although every student viewed the holiday as a time of family gathering and feast, some students also looked to Thanksgiving as a preparation for Christmas.

“We have to have Thanksgiving before Santa can come,” Kandace Jackson said.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving to decorate our house,” Xander Beucher said.

“We put up things and give things to our momma,” Alycia Moore said.

“We celebrate Thanksgiving because you have to have Thanksgiving before Christmas,” Zane Johnson said.