Season is reason for new TV

Published 11:59 pm Friday, November 28, 2008

For several years, my husband has been trying to convince me that we needed a new television. Of course, not we didn’t just need a new television; he said we needed a larger-screen, high definition television.

Frankly, when I went with him to look at the rows of these high-tech electronic gadgets, the pictures mostly looked the same to me. And here’s the deal: I rarely watch television. Mostly, I listen, generally to the news, from another room as I cook, do laundry, or other tasks. I need a stack of ironing to keep me parked in front of a television for very long. I thought the old one was just fine.

But when Alabama football got better this year, so did Honey’s hopes of a new TV. Suddenly I was the one encouraging him that it’d be a great gift for his birthday and he really should stop talking about it and pick one out. His birthday fell the week before the LSU game. ‘Bama was 9-0 and facing the defending national champs, the team formerly coached by the man Tide fans have come to adore. The new television was installed and we were nervous Nellies. What if we bought this television for football season and the Tide turned for the fans in crimson?

Or, as he put it, “They were playing real well on the old TV.”

He almost got banished to the “old TV” during that match-up, since he was slightly more superstitious than I about the whole thing, when LSU went ahead. Like many other football fans, we are ridiculously silly about our team.

My baby brother, a fellow ‘Bama fan, declined an invitation to an Iron Bowl party at our brother’s house near Opelika. “There’ll be too many Auburn people there,” he said, then added, “Besides, I’ve got to sit in my chair at Golden Pond,” the hunting camp where he’s enjoyed watching the games this season.

The experts say we’ll win today; most fans agree. I’m not convinced. We’ve lost six years in a row to our cross-state rivals in orange, and there’s some strange mojo in that. If Auburn doesn’t win, they won’t get a bowl invite for the first time since 1999, Tuberville’s first year. Winning would make the year for the Tigers, who’re having a run of bad luck of their own. Besides, it’s supposed to rain in Tuscaloosa and that could change everything.

Despite the hype and the excitement that’s bound to fill Bryant-Denny this afternoon, I’ll be pretty happy to watch the game on Honey’s new television, while Eli Gold gives us about a one-second heads-up on what’s going to happen.

Or, as Star-News advertising manager Ruck Ashworth, said earlier this week when we were discussing the availability of tickets and viewing traditions, “The only reason I’d really want to go is to do “Rammer Jammer.”

So if we win, somebody call Ruck and yell “Rammer jammer” with him. If we lose, it’s sure been fun while it lasted. I’ve loved every “RTR” text message, every good-natured Auburn jab in the Star-News building, where I’ll be eating crow all week if we lose.

The good news is, if it goes south, the 30-day return time isn’t up on the TV.

Just kidding, Honey. RTR!