Lowder’s pressure led to coach’s firing at AU

Published 12:47 am Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dear Editor,

As a “Die (Dye) Hard Auburn fan,” it was hard to watch Coach Tuberville leave this week. His 10-year record is the fourth best in Auburn history. So what, we had a losing season. We only lost seven with the exception of Alabama, which could have gone either way, according to history.

Had the “Bear” still been on the sidelines, the score might have been 96-0, since he, as was often reported, “hated that other team.” But Coach Saban put in his second team, showing the class of what an Alabama coach should show. Hell, Coach Tuberville has done the same thing in the last few years. So, as far as it goes, I agree with Andrew Garner’s Friday column in that Coach Tuberville was given, behind closed doors, the option to resign or be fired.

He very wisely chose to resign with $5.1 million in his pocket. He can stay in Auburn to let his children graduate from high school. He can shop at Wal-Mart, have his oil changed at Express Lube, eat at any place he wants, all without concern about pleasing Bobby Lowder or his puppet, Jake Jacobs.

The same scenario happened in the early to mid 90’s with another excellent coach named Terry Bowden, who, by the way, if you don’t remember, was the first coach to have a perfect 13-0 season at Auburn. He left in the middle of the season due to pressure from Lowder and his “non-athletic” posse.

In my opinion, until Bobby Lowder (the puppeteer) is forced to stop pulling the strings of AD’s like Jake Jacobs (the puppet), and coaches are allowed to do what they were hired to do, then Auburn could win 20 games and get no respect from the “polls” as has happened since Pat Dye left.

Until a coach comes to Auburn and tells Lowder to stay in Montgomery and tells Jacobs to keep

stay in the office and off the field, then we cannot expect another coach of Coach Tuberville’s caliber to sign on.

Our only hope now is that Jimbo Fisher is available. Oh, by the way, Coach Tuberville is probably going the way of Terry Bowden, TV commentator.

Thank you for your time.

Steven A. Bryant