‘Nutcracker’ set to take stage

Published 12:45 am Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Andalusia Ballet will stage “The Nutcracker” next weekend, Dec. 13 and 14, at the Dixon Center of LBW College in Andalusia.

Guest dancers for the event will by Alison Dubsky and Michael Keating, both of the Sarasota Ballet, and Jarrod Sickles of the Montgomery Ballet.

Dubsky, a native of Geneva, Ohio, received her early dance training from her mother at the Ballet Theatre of Ashtabula and later with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School and the Geoffrey Ballet School. She joined the Sarasota Ballet in 2004.

Keating, who is Dubsky’s fiancé, is a New Jersey native who began his dance training at the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet and was accepted into its pre-professional program.

This will be their first trip to Andalusia.

LBWCC instructor Eric Lidh returns as Drosselmeyer, a role only he has played in AB productions of “Nutcracker,” including the first one 26 years ago.

Kate Barrow and Emily Kelley share the role of Clara in this year’s performances, and seniors Lisette Benefield, Carly Brown and Christina Christensen each have special roles.

Artistic director Meryane Martin Murphy said Kim Frasher has become costume mistress for the Andalusia Ballet and has created “lots of new looks” for the dancers.

Cameron Morgan will dance the role of the prince.

“He is a great young dancer and a wonderful actor,” Murphy said.

Also returning to the AB stage is the Star-News’ own Mrs. Grundy, who last year took on the role of Mother Ginger to rave reviews.

Special school performances are planned on Thurs., Dec. 11, and are made possible by Shaw Industries.

A special performance is planned Friday night for members of the Andalusia Ballet, followed by a gala hosted by Drs. Allen and Kimberly Ward.

Performances are at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $12 and are are available at Ansley Place and at the Andalusia Ballet studio. For membership information, contact the studio at 222-6620.

Character list for The Nutcracker

Herr Drosselmeyer: Eric Lidh

Herr Drosselmeyer’s Nephew: Cameron Morgan

Clara: Kate Barrow (Fri/Sun), Emily Kelley (Thurs/Sat)

Fritz: Jack Barrow (Fri/Sun), Jonathan Weed (Thurs/Sat)

Mother & Father Stahlbaum: Callie Hatchett with Robert Foreman

Grandfather: Tim Trent

Nurse: Kim Baumgartner

Butler: Nate Mack

Party Scene Guests: Carly Brown & Aaron Norris, Susan & Jack Cecil, Sarah Foreman & Clayton O’Brien, David Hatchett & Lauren Powell,

Party Scene Girls: Sneha Bang (Fri/Sun), Ivy Beam (Fri/Sun), Katie Frasher (Thurs/Sat), Gabby Godwin (Thurs/Sat), Savannah Claire Morgan (Thurs/Sat), Tori Mack (Fri/Sun), Natilee Mathews (Thurs/Sat), Elizabeth McCalman (Fri/Sun), Hannah McCalman (Fri/Sun), Hannah Elizabeth Miller (Thurs/Sat), Karlee Shirey (Fri/Sun), Jodie Watson (Thurs/Sat),

Young Girls: Rexanne Butler, Lindsey Stephens, Emily Ward

Party Scene Boys: Jack Barrow (Thurs/Sat), Jeremy Boyd, Allen Butler, Conner Bulger, Tony McLaughlin, Clay Stephens, Jonathan Weed (Fri/Sun)

Pierrot Doll: Kelsey Nix (Fri/Sun), Mere-Katherine Riley (Thurs/Sat)

Columbine Doll: Kate Barrow (Thurs/Sat), Emily Kelley (Fri/Sun)

Harlequin Doll: Tori Mack (Thurs/Sat), Natilee Mathews (Fri/Sun),

Mice: Mary Morgan Pierce (w/cheese), Mary Elizabeth Adams, Anabell Bryant, Maisy Garner, Hannah Goodwin, Addie Hutcheson, Abby Livingston, Ella Kate Nichols, Liz Skipper, Haley Thompson

Tree Fairy: Shannon Caroline Flatt (Fri/Sun), Anna Payne (Thurs/ Sat)

The Nutcracker: Cameron Morgan

Rat King: Jarrod Sickles*

Soldiers: Ivy Beam (Thurs/Sat), Halle Burkhardt, Sydney Brunson, Katie Frasher (Fri/Sun), Gabby Godwin (Fri/Sun), Audrey Livingston, AnaSara Kipp, Elizabeth McCalman (Thurs/Sat), Hannah McCalman (Thurs/Sat), Hannah Elizabeth Miller (Fri/Sun), Kayla Mitchell, Sydney O’Brien, Emily Pierce, Mere-Katherine Riley, Karlee Shirey (Thurs/Sat), Jodie Watson (Fri/Sun),

Crystal Fairies: Olivia Jones, Meagan Langley

Snow Queen: Lisette Benefield (Thurs/Sat), Carly Brown (Fri/Sun)

Snow King: Michael Keating*

Snowflakes: Lisette Benefield (Fri/Sun), Carly Brown (Thurs/Sat), Christina Christensen, Shan Demmings, Taylor Donaldson, Morgan Dove, Shannon C. Flatt (Thurs/Sat), Daley Kappenman, Meredith Grace Kerr, Mary Ashton McMillan, Anna Payne (Fri/Sun), Lauren Powell, Lakin Thornton, Kathryn Williams

Prince: Cameron Morgan

Lead Angel: Christina Christensen (Thurs/Sat), Shan Demmings (Fri/Sun)

Angel Demi-Soloists: Victoria Bernstein, Sydney Brunson, Katie Frasher, Kayla Mitchell, Mere-Katherine Riley, Jodie Watson

Angels: Erica Bernstein, Katelyne Chesteen, Gabby Godwin, AnaSara Kipp, Audrey Livingston, Elizabeth McCalman, Hannah McCalman, Emily Pierce

Tiny Angels: Audrey Danford, Kassidy Mears, Michaelyn Russell, Sydney Ward

Dew Drop Fairies: Sneha Bang, Savannah Claire Morgan

Crown Bearer: Halle Burkhardt

Jesters: Olivia Jones, Meagan Langley, Mary Morgan Pierce

Candy Canes: Olivia Amerson, Kelly Bourassa, Katrine Christensen, Rachel Dayton, Lauren Guilford, Cheyenne Hartin, Taylor Mancil, Grace Ruzic, Steely Ruzic, Julia Smith

Spanish: Lisette Benefield (Fri/Sun), Lauren Powell (Thurs/Sat), with Jarrod Sickles*

Arabian: Mary Ashton McMillan (Fri/Sun), Lakin Thornton (Thurs/Sat), with Nate Mack and Aaron Norris

Russian: Taylor Donaldson (Fri/Sun), Kathryn Williams (Thurs/Sat)

Marzipan Lead: Morgan Dove (Thurs/Sat), Meredith Grace Kerr (Fri/Sun)

Marzipan: Sneha Bang, Ivy Beam, Tori Mack, Natilee Mathews, Hannah Elizabeth Miller, Savannah Claire Morgan, Kelsey Nix, Karlee Shirey,

Chinese: Christina Christensen (Fri/Sun), Shan Demmings (Thurs/Sat)

Chinese Girls: Mary Beth Baker, Elizabeth Cravey, Daisy Fowler, Catherine Weed

Chinese Boys: Jack Barrow, Allen Butler, Clay Stephens, Jonathan Weed

Dragon: Sydney O’Brien, Olivia Jones, Meagan Langley, Mary Morgan Pierce

Mother Ginger: Mrs. Grundy

Lead Gingersnap: Emily Pierce

Gingersnaps: Merrill Ann Culverhouse, Morgan Dubose, Ellie Guilford, Sarah Kathryn Guilford, Brooke Mancil, Mary Grace Milligan, Emmy Ellen Rabren, Cambry Scott, Gracie Syler, Meagan Ward

Rose Fairy: Carly Brown (Thurs/Sat), Daley Kappenman (Fri/Sun),

Flowers: Lisette Benefield (Thurs/Sat), Carly Brown (Fri/Sat), Christina Christensen (Thurs/Sat), Shan Demmings (Fri/Sun), Taylor Donaldson (Thurs/Sat), Morgan Dove (Fri/Sun), Shannon C. Flatt, Daley Kappenman (Thurs/Sat), Meredith Grace Kerr (Thurs/Sat), Natilee Mathews, Mary Ashton McMillan (Thurs/Sat), Kelsey Nix, Anna Payne, Lauren Powell (Fri/Sun), Lakin Thornton (Fri/Sun), Kathryn Williams (Fri/Sun)

Sugar Plum Fairy: Alyson Dubsky*

Cavalier: Michael Keating*

*Guest Dance