Star-News story painted unfair picture

Published 11:59 pm Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Editor,

The purpose of this letter is to inform the Andalusia Star-News of the undeserved, unjust black eye it has inflicted on the good citizens of Covington County. It is also to give you the opportunity to fully understand my position concerning the way the Star-News covered the recent charge that was displayed on the front page of its Nov. 20, 2008, issue and headlined “Man hit with animal cruelty charge.”

I have no malice or anger toward the Andalusia Star-News or any of its employees. I find it very unfortunate that the article published was so biased and disrespectful to the good citizens of Covington County. That article was written about the citizen who in 1995, loaded his vehicles and drove into “God’s Country,” down a dead-end dirt road and delivered enough feed for more than 900 animals. That should prove to the world he would not condone the cruel, pathetic starvation of animals the article portrayed.

Perhaps I deserve to take a hit, perhaps not. Without question, Mr. Zeus, the helpless canine displayed on the front page was hurt by such a gutless low blow. I sincerely hope the Andalusia Star-News will reconsider meeting with me and allow the truth to be known, and find the coward responsible, before I catch my breath.

The people of Covington County deserve the “truth,” not a black eye.

Ronnie L. Denney