Acorn dinner to feed many

Published 12:34 am Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More than 100 needy citizens will have the chance to get a warm meal and some fellowship this Christmas, thanks to the Acorn group’s Christmas dinner.

The dinner will be held at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church starting at 11 a.m. and continuing until 1 p.m. Patrons can eat meals at the dinner, order them take out or have them delivered.

“We like it most when people come and eat with us,” said Harmon Proctor, a member of the Acorn group. “It started 25 years ago as a place for people to come in and be with other people on Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as get a hot meal.”

The menu this year will be ham or turkey, hot potato salad, greens and rolls from Sister Schubert. In addition, the First United Methodist Church will provide the desserts. For delivery, call 222-2487 and leave a message stating how many meals will be needed, as well as an address and telephone number. The deadline for messages is 9 a.m., Christmas Day.

Proctor said the group is planning to prepare meals for at least 100 patrons.

“We’re going to prepare for that many, but we’ll have enough to feed everyone,” Proctor said. “It’s a great event that brings lots of churches together. The Baptist Church has hosted it before, and the Catholics and Methodists rotate desserts. And the volunteers and those who deliver the meals, they come from nearly every church in the area.”

Proctor said the dinner is special, because it allows him and the other volunteers to obey one of Jesus’ most common commands in the gospels.

“Jesus says it many times and many ways — be concerned about the poor and the needy,” he said. “But we think it’s important not only that they get a meal, but also that they get a chance to be with people and enjoy that human touch. I hope that the people who get a meal on Christmas receive more than just physical nourishment.”