In the cards

Published 12:46 am Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The fifth grade classes at Pleasant Home School have selected a very unique motto for the 2008 Christmas season. Their motto is, “Giving yourself is the greatest gift of all. The best gift is a portion of yourself.”

Instead of exchanging gifts between classmates, the students chose to help provide Christmas for the residents at the Andalusia Manor nursing home. For the past week, the students have given their time and money to help with this special project. Upon finding out that there are 154 residents currently living at the nursing home, the students set out on a mission to provide each person with a memorable Christmas this year.

Handmade Christmas cards and Christmas bags were created by the students. The students then brought items to be placed in the gift bags for the residents with the goal that each person receives both a Christmas card and gift. The gift bags will include various items such as personal hygiene products, socks, hats, handkerchiefs or candy.

Their teachers, Sherry Kelley and Kristi Powell, said they are proud of them for their desire and dedication to bring a little Christmas spirit to the residents at Andalusia Manor.

Students were asked why they wanted to participate in this project and why this project was special to them.

“We already have a lot of stuff at home,” Jakob Hartline said. “And they (nursing home residents) need things more than we do.”

“The people in the nursing home might not get to spend time with a family,” Emilie Brady said.

The cards, gift bags and items were placed in large boxes, wrapped and delivered to Andalusia Manor on Fri., Dec. 19. Several students accompanied Powell in delivering these gifts. A Christmas card was attached, including each child’s name who participated in this class project.