Drivers’ loud music can be infuriating

Published 1:29 am Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey folks, are you as fed up with the loud noise coming from the cars as I am? This so-called music with big speakers was bad enough, but now they are playing it over their new P.A. systems, too.

I’ve called the Andalusia Police Department several times in the past few months, but as of yet, it doesn’t appear to have done any good. I’ve seen several police cars drive right on by, knowing they could hear all the racket coming from one of these vehicles as they met.

I was told by one of the APD’s sergeants that if I would get the tag number, they would issue a ticket and then I would have to appear in court to testify for a conviction!

To me, something is wrong with this picture. I’ve asked that an officer park in my driveway in order to catch these inconsiderate drivers who come by at least a dozen times a day and night, but they wouldn’t accept that offer. I have personally stopped some of these idiots and asked them to turn the radios down, but that hasn’t worked either.

I believe that we have a noise ordinance here in the city and I can’t understand why these officers aren’t writing tickets. I think the fine is $177 and I’m sure the APD could use the money.

So, if you’re as tired of all this noise as I am, then call the police chief, Mr. Wilbur Williams, at 222-1155 and complain. Maybe after 100 calls or so, he will instruct his officers to start writing some tickets and our windows in our houses will stop shaking when these idiots drive by. Maybe we can have a “happy new year” and a quieter one as well!

Duane O’Neal