Brrrrr! Artic blast to bring low 20s tonight

Published 12:02 am Thursday, January 15, 2009

MONTGOMERY (AP) — The National Weather Service posted a hard freeze watch for much of Alabama Wednesday and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency has warned Alabama residents to take precautions as the state experiences the coldest temperatures of the year.

Temperatures in some parts of the state were expected to fall to single digits before the weekend and wind chills were forecast to be below freezing in some areas.

It’s expected to turn bitterly cold tonight (Thursday) and remain that way until Saturday.

Wednesday night, the National Weather Service was projecting a low around 19 degrees in Andalusia tonight. Daytime highs should remain in the mid-40s and to lower 50s through the weekend.

EMA officials said Wednesday that residents should make sure precautions are taken to protect pets and livestock. They also urge residents to make sure pipes are insulated and that families have an emergency kit including blankets and warm clothes in case heating systems fail.

Huntsville meteorologist Chelly Amin said the north Alabama city was expected to have the coldest air since 2003 when temperatures dropped to 5 degrees.

“We’re forecasting lows between 5-10 degrees but the windchills are the big story,” Amin said. “They’re supposed to be somewhere between 3- and 13- below. That’s obviously really cold.”