Editorial was unfair to Judge Moore

Published 11:59 pm Friday, January 30, 2009

This is America, we all have the right (freedom of speech) to express our personal feelings, right or wrong.

Editor of the Andalusia Star-News, you have voiced your opinion of Judge Roy Moore and him considering running for governor of the great state of Alabama in 2010.

You feel that his placing of the Ten Commandments (God’s holy Word) in the judicial building was improper. All the laws of our great nation, America, were founded on God and are from God’s commandments. They should still be there.

Concerning Judge Moore signing Bibles, I asked him to sign mine. He is a man of God doing God’s work.

I find it very fitting for his autograph to be in my Bible.

In no way is he indicating that he had anything to do with writing the Bible.

You do not know Judge Moore to speak as you do of him and his character. He is a very humble man of God.

Thank you for allowing me to speak my convictions.

Sheila Taylor Cottle