Kids shouldn’t be in a cold school

Published 11:59 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Editor:

I’m sure this letter will upset a lot of the Covington County citizens, but they have a right to know some of the decisions the Board of Education is making.

I understand a previously retired county employee has been hired to go around to the county schools and check to make sure the thermostats are sitting on 65 degrees. Do they think the principals or custodians can’t handle this simple job? And wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper to put a lock box on these thermostats?

We are losing teachers left and right; the classrooms are getting more over-crowded; and jobs are being made up for retired people who have an income from retirement. It appears to me the No Child Left Behind Act is worthless to the people who are making these decisions.

Sixty-five degrees is too cold. The kids and teachers are having to wear coats in the classrooms.

One parent went to the central office, and, guess what? The thermostat in the office was set on 71 degrees. What is good enough for our kids should be good enough for the workers. That’s not all. No one was working in the bus shop office on Feb. 5, and the thermostat in that empty office was set on 70 degrees.

A memo was sent out on the afternoon of Feb. 5 to increase the thermostats to 68 degrees, since it has been so cold. I guess every little bit helps. Now I wonder what the office thermostats will be bumped up to.

Cassie Carroll