Holiday tax revenue steady

Published 11:59 pm Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sales tax collections were a welcome “gift” to local governments as totals revealed residents shopped locally this Christmas season.

Totals, which were collected in December and remitted in January, showed the county received $646,667 in total sales tax collections — just shy of $17,000 less than in December 2007. Reports show that year-to-date collections for the year were down 0.67 percent from December 2007.

That is good news, said Andalusia city clerk John Thompson, in light of the fact that Andalusia’s $431,612 in collections was only $219 less than what was collected in December 2007.

“So basically sales tax collections in Andalusia were flat over last year’s total,” Thompson said. “That is always more preferable than the alternative. Considering that last year, everyone was predicting doom and gloom for this holiday season, it’s great news there was only a little more than $200 difference. When you look at the nearly half a million dollar total, $200 — well, it’s amazing.

“It really looks like the people of Andalusia, and Covington County for that matter, took the advice of ‘shop at home,’” he said. “These numbers are proof of the importance to support our local businesses. These funds are ones that drive the revenues for police, fire and other essential city services — no matter if you live in Andalusia, Florala or Opp.”

In Florala, collections came in at $30,551 — $1,500 less than last December’s totals; in Opp, $162,308 — $15,500 less than last December.