Variety of styles on tap for ‘Valentine’s Dances’

Published 11:59 pm Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunday, Andalusia Ballet Company students will get the chance to put their own individual touches on their performances in the company’s third annual Valentine’s Dances.

The show will be at the LBWCC Dixon Center in Andalusia starting at 2:30 p.m., and will feature dances from the 37 members of the junior and senior company. The dancers were given the individual freedom to select their music and dance routines, so the show will be an eclectic mix of styles.

“It’s a chance to let our dancers really express themselves,” said Meryane Martin Murphy, company artistic director. “We have some dances that are classical ballet in the traditional style. Then we have some who have taken classic ballet but have given it more of a contemporary feel by choosing ‘popular’ music.

“We’ll have a few who have included jazz-type movements in their performance, and we even have two tap-dancers who will perform.”

Murphy said the Valentine’s Day-themed show is one that her students look forward to all year.

“It’s a chance for them to experiment with different music and choreography,” she said. “It takes a lot of work and planning, but it’s nice to have them on that side of it — to learn how to choreograph and what it’s all about.

“They’ve been working very hard on these dances and they’re excited about them.”

Murphy said there will be a total of 36 performances and each will be about 1-2 minutes long. Each individual dancer will perform in a solo dance, with the exception of a brother and sister who will dance together.

Admission for the performance is $10, with the proceeds going toward the company’s “Build the Ballet” campaign. Tickets will be available at the door, or from dancers in the company.