Corporate excess is absolutely criminal

Published 1:24 am Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our president, who is short on euphemisms when it comes to the greedy, dishonest corporate executives, could have added this — the corporate execs are very insensitive and very greedy, spending taxpayers’ money at their country club, drinking cocktails and playing golf and jet setting to Vegas.

We have to take National Guard and reserve troops away from their families and jobs and send them to fight and die in a war they don’t understand, while these executives lay by the swimming pool. It is unconscionably wrong. They should be tarred and feathered.

It is absurd for them to receive excessive salaries and bonuses for a business that fails under their watch and on the backs of our brave troops. They should pay back all the money and maybe go to jail.

The campaign is over; the election is over; the country has elected a president under our Constitution, and whether we voted for or like the president, now is the time to put all that aside and support our president and pray for him as we are commanded to do in Paul’s Letter to the Romans. You can’t pray for a person you dislike; the prayers don’t reach the ceiling.

Bob Reid