City administration listens to citizens

Published 11:59 pm Friday, February 20, 2009


I want to applaud the mayor and city council, as well as the city clerk, for the action taken to adopt the city’s new noise ordinance (No. 2009-00). This has been a long time coming and is an ordinance that has certainly been needed.

As a past councilman, I know that you can’t do this overnight and all of the t’s have to be crossed and the i’s dotted in order to get it right the first time.

I have read it, all eight pages, and agree with every word. There has been two deaths in the past three weeks in the families that live on my street. You would think that with signs placed by the funeral homes on either side of these residences, that people would have some respect for the families that live there, who have lost a loved one…wouldn’t you? I have watched as a funeral procession, with police escorts, pass through town and some disrespectful drivers won’t even pull off to the side of the road as the hearse and family pass by. So why should they bother turning their radios down, either?

No, that the mayor and city council have done their job, let’s see if the police chief and his officers do theirs. If they enforce this new ordinance, it shouldn’t take very long to quiet down all of this unnecessary noise that some folks call music.

Again, thank you mayor and council for a job well done. This administration has proven that they will listen to the citizens.

Duane O’Neal