Library web cams get little use

Published 12:09 am Saturday, February 28, 2009

Like others around the state, the recently installed webcam-equipped computers at two local libraries designed for military families to communicate with loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan have gotten little or no use.

In December, computers were placed in 112 libraries across Alabama – including Andalusia and Florala public libraries – as part of Gov. Bob Riley’s Connecting Families program to keep those serving overseas in touch with their families.

However, recent reports show response to the program appears to be light throughout the state.

In Andalusia, APL director Karin Taylor said their computer has not had one single user since it was installed.

“And that’s sad,” Taylor said. “It’s a great concept and I hope that it catches on, but I don’t think that the folks thought about the time difference between here and Iraq or Afghanistan and that is really hurting use.”

In Florala, FPL director Cordelia Waldrop said no one has used their equipment, either.

“We’ve talked here with Montgomery,” she said. “But no one has used it to talk with anyone overseas.

“But we’re really appreciative of it,” she said. “I hope it catches on.”

Use of the computer will be on a “first-come, first-serve” basis and will also be available for use by non-military families.

For more information, contact the APL at 222-6612 or the FPL at 334-858-3525.