Sheriff Meeks doing commendable job

Published 12:02 am Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Editor:

I’ve noticed over the years that when things are going good, few people have anything to say in the Star-News’ letters to the editor. I’m guilty as well, and decided to change up and again give some credit and thanks to another group of people in Covington County. It’s like the old saying — you don’t really appreciate them until you need them.

Well, since Dennis Meeks was elected as our sheriff, the Star-News’ “For the record” column has continued to grow. I’ve never seen as many arrests made for writing bad checks, non-payment of child support and drug-related arrests. It’s obvious that our sheriff’s department and Drug Task Force are doing their jobs. They are making good arrests and getting convictions. All of this has to be because of good leadership at the top and having a sheriff that has the law-abiding citizens of the county’s best interests at heart.

I honestly believe that we have some of the best men and women that we could ever ask for working for us in this department. Of course, all of us will never agree with everything that happens in any department, but when you look at the whole picture, you must agree that Sheriff Meeks and his people are doing an outstanding job for the county.

I personally want to thank him and his staff for the job they have done and I’m sure will continue to do. I also know that I speak for a lot of our county residents who either won’t write, or don’t take the time to write. I guess when it’s time to re-elect our sheriff, we’ll know then, won’t we?

So Sheriff Meeks and crew, we applaud you, too. Thank you for your dedication to your jobs, protecting us here in the county and for being there when we need you. A lot of us have taken that for granted.

Stay out of the tree tops and may every landing be a good one.

Duane O’Neal